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The fight for justice played an essential role for me from an early age, which is why I decided to study law in the field of international law and human rights.

While the law is the only standard to be applied in cases of gross human rights violations, interpersonal interactions and conflicts are usually different.
During my work in various companies, law firms or international institutions, it became apparent time and again that a number of misunderstandings and the personal bias of everyone led to hardened positions, escalating conflicts and a complete lack of willingness to talk to the respective counterpart.

No matter how legal, economic or political the conflict appears to be, it is not a question of good or evil, but rather of the presentation of differing interests and perceptions. Whether it is a matter of intergovernmental or two listed companies, in the end it is always people who enter into communication with each other, who negotiate with each other.

Success proves you right.
However, being right does not always lead to success.

History in particular has shown that the law - as good as it is - unfortunately does not always lead to success. And as a jurist in the international human rights field, I have come to know this all too well. This realisation led me to professionalise my everlasting interest in interpersonal communication and to additionally qualify myself in the fields of conflict management, as a business mediator and conflict consultant. Because by means of both mediation and negotiation, decisions and successes can be achieved that would never have been possible with the pure enforcement of the law. The further specialisation as a negotiation expert was then the logical consequence of numerous mediations carried out; because mediation is also nothing other than a type of negotiation and it turned out how poorly prepared most of the participants were.

To be aware of one's concrete demands, to define one's limits and, in the end, to separate the person from the problem, requires a profound and special expertise that most people lack. Consequently, today I support CEO's, TOP executives and international institutions as a negotiation expert; in front of as well as behind the scenes I advise my clients on challenging negotiations and accompany them through all negotiation phases. Nationally as well as internationally. And believe me: things are possible that many thought impossible.

But my consultancy in the fields of negotiation or business mediation is by no means static. Through both personal experience and numerous further and advanced training courses in the areas of psychology, communication, mediation and negotiation techniques, my clients receive a very individual and at the same time comprehensive mentoring. The individual mindset and soft skills, such as those of body language and communication, are of the most essential importance; both indicators of success are unfortunately still given too little attention. However, in the end, in combination with professional preparation, they are "the" gamechangers.


Through my trilogical professional training as a jurist, negotiation expert and conflict manager and by means of my diplomatic-international professional experience, you will receive a unique, analytical, professionally structured, psychological and solution-oriented expertise, adapted to your very individual profile. Let me therefore support you in my role as a negotiation expert to send you strengthened, professionally prepared and confident into the next complex negotiation or to become your own negotiation professional through targeted training. As a conflict manager, I support you in eliminating existing conflicts and thus increase the workflow of your entire teams.

Together with you, I make the, from your point of view, impossible, possible.



  • Keynote speaker & adviser (since 2020)
  • Peace Builder & Mediator, Mediators beyond Borders International (since 2019)
  • Certificate as "Master Negotiator”
  • Business mediator & negotiation expert, DWM Deutsche Wirtschaftsmediation GmbH (since 2018)
  • International Negotiation Expert & Conflict Manager, Negotiation & Conflict Consulting, Dr. Sarah Babaian (since 2017)
  • Certified mediator according to ZMediatAusbV (2017)
  • Jurist & Business Mediator, TRENTMANN Law/Media/Litigation/PR (since 2015)
  • Senior Consultant, Quinkert & Esser Executive Search (2014-2016)
  • Doctoral studies at the University of Hamburg, International Criminal Law, supervised by Prof. Dr. Stefan Oeter (2013-2016)
  • Jurist at the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), Berlin (2012)
  • Project work at the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR), Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva (2012)
  • Legal Assistant, Law Firm Menschen und Rechte, People and Rights (2011)
  • Master's degree (LL.M) at the University of Geneva / Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights (2011)
  • Training as Business Mediator, TENOS Academy, Hamburg (2009)
  • Law studies at the University of Hamburg (2002 - 2009)



Language skills

  • German
  • English
  • Armenian
  • Italian
  • French

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