The high art of professional negotiation


Almost everyone negotiates every day; whether consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes this goes well, sometimes less well. Demanding business negotiations, however, whether in a national or international context, whether bilateral or multilateral, are not particularly promising without a certain know-how.

The enforcement of the respective opposing interests, associated emotions as well as differently perceived positions of power represent the focus of the problem. The challenge of the increasing internationality of negotiations, which is set in motion by globalisation, complicates the latter even more. The negotiating partners do not only speak a "different language" in the truest sense of the word, but also come from different cultures, which essentially changes the entire nature of the communication.

Both inadequate preparation and the application of supposedly successful negotiation principles can ultimately miss the mark or cause lasting damage to the relationship with your negotiating partner.

Power positions are played out, supposed compromises are only generated under pressure. The "powerful" getting bigger and bigger, the "weak" smaller and smaller.

In order for you to successfully confront these challenging indicators, I support you to

  • professionally win complicated negotiations,
  • manifest your best reputation to the outside world,
  • stabilise your business relationships and
  • lead your company successfully into the future.


Through my negotiation consulting you will receive a uniquely professional, analytical, structured, psychological and solution-oriented expertise, adapted to your very individual profile. Based on the most successful negotiation doctrines, based on the most successful negotiation doctrines, such as the Harvard- and Schranner concepts, further essential guidelines of significant FBI negotiators as well as my profound negotiation expertise,I will prepare you individually for each challenging negotiation using the most effective negotiation strategies and techniques. In this way you will enter

  • professionally prepared,
  • confidently,
  • sovereignly,
  • securely,
  • sanguinely &
  • successfully every single negotiation.

My consulting services include strategic negotiation consulting as well as individual in-house negotiation trainings.

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