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In particular, conflicts between different CEO’s, managers and employees can lead to a complete stagnation of work performance.

New challenges, such as working remotely, can also bring an unimagined potential for conflict. The different methods of conflict management are therefore so promising because they defuse existing conflicts and lead the conflicting parties back to a dialogue.

For this reason, conflict management methods such as business mediation and hybrid conflict counselling methods must be used to identify and analyse controversies at an early stage in order to re-establish and permanently guarantee satisfied and effective work.   

business mediation

Business Mediation

Business mediation is a mediation process for constructive conflict resolution. The mediator, as an independent and impartial third party, supports and structures the discussion between the conflicting parties, whereby it is the parties themselves who work out the solutions. The aim of mediation is to analyse the causes of the different conflicts in order to find solutions that are realistic, acceptable and thus ultimately positive for all participating parties.

There are no losers in a successful mediation.

Generating a win-win situation is thus the maxim.

The advantages of business mediation:

• Speed of the process (immediate conflict resolution and thus avoidance of further nervous strains)
• Confidentiality (sensitive and confidential information remains out of the public eye)
• High success rate (80-90% of mediations are successful)
• More cost-effective than court proceedings and/or longstanding engagement of lawyers
• Settlement of the conflict and thus improved and stable relations of whatever kind


Mediation as the mildest means with best possible success

Business mediation within business enterprises::

• Conflicts within the management
• Disputes between employees or between employees and management
• Conflicts between works council and management


Business mediation between business enterprises::

• Conflicts between companies and customers
• Disputes between suppliers and manufacturers
• Conflicts in the course of insolvency proceedings and debt settlements


By means of my international expertise as a certified mediator and negotiation consultant and my systematic and constructive approaches to conflict and negotiation management, I will support you in successfully resolving existing conflicts and nipping emerging ones in the bud!

new hybrid solutions for success

Mediation-Negotiation Procedures

In the application of hybrid mediation-negotiation procedures, the different techniques and methods of both procedures are combined with each other and used successfully to solve a wide variety of conflicts. In doing so, I act as an impartial external person in the sense of mediation, but if necessary I also intervene as a mediator for one side of the parties and negotiate the conflict while taking into account mediative principles.

This hybrid procedure is used above all in conflicts that have already escalated to a very high degree, since the use of a third, professionally trained person immediately minimises the tension and the process is extremely face-saving for all parties involved. By using professional mediation and negotiation methods, the conflict is quickly de-escalated, and new solution modalities can be worked out and the gravity of the usually existential dispute can be put aside.

Typical areas of application:

• Extrajudicial debt settlements (between creditors & debtors)
• Extrajudicial settlement proceedings (banks are often involved)
• Insolvency proceedings or their avoidance

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