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Negotiations in an International Context

Negotiations and conflicts on the international arena are only something for truly skilled negotiators and communicators. These are very often multilateral negotiations and thus involve a number of conflicting interests, which make it very difficult or even impossible to maintain an overview and, above all, to work out joint solutions. In contrary to "pure" business negotiations, there are not only diametrically different interests of the negotiating partners, but also many other and immensely complicated factors that play a role. 

Different cultures, geo-political interests, different histories and political interdependencies make such negotiations extremely difficult. The additional factor of "power", especially in the interplay of states, usually leaves no room for manoeuvre for productive and thus successful negotiations or conflict resolution; supposed compromises are only generated under pressure, "unfair" deals are thus made possible. 

The "powerful" become bigger and bigger,
the "weak" smaller and smaller.


In order for you to be able to successfully face these complex challenges, I will support you to

  • prepare professionally for complicated intergovernmental or state-institutional negotiations in order to win them,
  • manifest your high standing and reputation to the outside world,
  • stabilise and manifest your international relations
  • lead your international enterprise successfully into the future.



By means of my international rechtlichen and political-diplomatic expertise, , you will receive negotiation advice that is unique, analytical, structured, psychological and solution-oriented, while completely adapted to your individual profile. Based on the most successful negotiation doctrines, such as the Harvard- and Schranner concepts, further essential guidelines of significant FBI negotiators as well as my profound international-diplomatic negotiation expertise, I will prepare you individually for each demanding negotiation by means of the most effective negotiation strategies and techniques as well as international-diplomatic procedures. 

In this way you will enter 

  • professionally prepared,
  • confidently,
  • sovereignly,
  • securely,
  • sanguinely &
  • successfully every single negotiation.

Negotiation Consulting

I advise states, political actors, international institutions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on concrete or upcoming challenging negotiations and conflict management issues. In doing so, I act as a negotiation consultant both in the fore- and in the background.

Gerne berate ich Sie ganz unverbindlich

I will be happy to advise you without obligation