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About me - Dr. Sarah Babaian

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As an international negotiation expert, I support businesses in complex negotiations and guide them through crises. My negotiation consulting and negotiation training provide you with the essential strategies and techniques for professional and successful negotiations, whether it's in procurement or sales.

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If you require further information, here, you can learn more about my negotiation consulting and negotiation training, which will impart the necessary skills and strategies for success in procurement and sales negotiations.

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Conflicts between businesses are unfortunately common and can lead to economic damage. With my unique conflict management methods and hybrid approaches, I successfully resolve your conflicts. Trust in my legal and meditative expertise, and reach out to me for business mediation, negotiation consulting, and negotiation training. I'll help you professionally master challenging negotiations in procurement and sales.

Higher Negotiations

In international political contexts, negotiation is essential but also extremely complex due to cultural differences, geopolitical interests, and historical entanglements. Rely on my expertise as a successful negotiation consultant, mediator, and lawyer to negotiate successfully even with the seemingly toughest adversaries.

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