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Negotiations are becoming more and more demanding in the course of globalisation. Nationally and internationally complex business negotiations, whether bilateral or multilateral, can neither be effectively nor successfully implemented with outdated learning-by-doing methods.

Numerous appropriate tried and tested negotiation strategies and techniques as well as the handling of extremely difficult pressure situations will allow you to find out, how you can generate lasting success for yourself and your company by means of the most essential indicators of professional negotiations.

As an internationally successful negotiation expert, I will support you in winning complex negotiations, stabilising your business relationships and thus leading your company through any crisis.

Mediation & Conflict Consulting

Conflict Management

Conflicts within and between business enterprises have unfortunately become part of everyday working life. These conflicts can not only severely affect the general climate between employees and thus sometimes paralyse day-to-day business’, but they can also lead to considerable economic damage, if the conflict persists.

Trust in the unique conflict management methods of business mediation and novel hybrid procedures and consider your conflict solved!

My legal as well as mediative expertise has repeatedly confirmed to me time and again that conflicts, no matter how "purely legal" or "purely economic" they appear to be, can be successfully resolved for all parties involved.

Politics, Int. institutions and NGOs

Higher Negotiation

Especially in the international political context, negotiation is one of the most essential pillars of communication. However, these intergovernmental negotiations are much more complex; different cultures, geo-political interests, different histories and political interdependencies often make such negotiations a "mission impossible".

Benefit from the combination of my political know-how and my triological expertise as a successful negotiation expert, mediator and jurist.

This extensive special expertise offers you the opportunity to step into the ring with the supposedly most powerful opponents and chalk up success for yourself.

Dr. sarah babaian

"I make "your" negotiation mine -
so its not just “any” under many!"

Professional know-how for your predictable success

Do you find negotiations per se very unpleasant?

Do you see long-lasting business relationships threatened by increasing economic challenges and don't know how to stabilise them even in precarious situations?

Are you facing the next difficult negotiation with a supposedly powerful business partner and you are tired of having the conditions dictated to you all the time?

Then you have come to the right place. Because from now on, successful negotiations will become your trademark!

With the help of my professional and successful negotiation consulting, but also my unique conflict management, you will lead your company directly through every internal and external crisis.

Through my trilogical professional training as a jurist, negotiation expert and certified business mediator, you will receive a unique, professionally analytical, structured, psychological and solution-oriented expertise, adapted to your very individual profile.

Finally get the know-how you deserve:


Get a free initial consultation for the successful way of conducting negotiations and ensure your success!


My history

The fight for justice played an essential role for me from a young age, which is why I decided to study law in the field of international law and human rights. While the law is the only standard to be applied when it comes to human rights violations, the situation is usually different when it comes to interpersonal interactions and conflicts.

During my work in various companies, law firms and international institutions, it became apparent time and again that a number of misunderstandings and the personal bias led to hardened positions, escalating conflicts and a complete lack of willingness to talk to the respective counterpart. No matter how legal, economic or political the conflict appears to be, it is not a question of good or evil, but rather of the presentation of different interests and perceptions. Whether it is a conflict between states or between two companies listed on the stock exchange, in the end it is always people who enter into communication with each other, who negotiate with each other.

Success proves you right.

However, being right does not always lead to success.

Your advantages through our cooperation

Professional negotiation

Teaching the most successful and effective negotiation methods and techniques according to the Harvard and Schranner concepts in combination with FBI insights for extremely difficult negotiations offers you the unique opportunity to prepare important negotiations strategically and perfectly, to be prepared for all eventualities and thus to secure success for yourself and your company. 

Solving complex conflicts

Internal and external corporate conflicts are analysed and resolved by means of extremely effective conflict management methods. Whether conflict counselling or business mediation: the aim is to resolve the conflict through constructive dialogue, both now and in the future, thus re-establishing a positive working environment and guaranteeing effective and successful work.

Individual and immediate

Excellent counselling services tailored to your individual needs, including important success indicators such as your mindset and soft skills, in addition to the main topics. YOU receive immediate advice tailored to your specific concerns, and YOUR company thus receives a professional advisor on whom it can rely 100%. 


Here I exchange ideas with you

Cooperation & Memberships

Dr. sarah babaian

"Step by step to becoming a professional negotiator-
that way success becomes your trademark"

Dr. sarah babaian

"Schritt für Schritt zum erfolgreichen Verhandlungsprofi!"

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Yes, I offer a free initial consultation to analyse how I can perfectly support you.

Yes, my expertise is primarily based on strategic negotiation consulting, which includes specific negotiations with your business partners. As a result, I not only provide you with the most essential negotiation methods, but also advise you specifically on your case by means of individual and professional negotiation preparation across all sectors. I will accompany you throughout the entire negotiation process.

Yes. I am also immediately available to my clients in emergency situations. We will then discuss the concrete procedure in a telephone call.

Yes, because even professional negotiation needs to be learned. And your mindset also plays an essential role. I will devote myself to both topics in such a way that you will master the next negotiation safely, strengthened and with the most successful tools. Afterwards you will look forward to every negotiation with pleasure.

Yes, because the problem of these conflicts is the lack of and ambiguous communication, which can be successfully analysed and ultimately resolved using the most efficient conflict management methods.

Yes, I offer in-house negotiation trainings for up to 10 people. If your department is larger, I will cooperate with other negotiation trainers so that we can do satisfy the number and thus the respective focus on the participants.

Yes. As I am an international negotiation expert and conflict manager who works exclusively in English, I offer all my services in English as well. And of course, in German.

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